The best cost-effective solution for communication management for banks, fintech companies, and e-commerce.

You will benefit from Fastgate if

  • You want to use a single point of entry for all the outgoing and incoming communications with customers, combining traffic flows from your internal systems.
  • You are looking for a solution to lower costs on your clients notifications.
  • It is crucial to get a high level of solution performance and safety as well as to stay fully independent from the solution vendor in terms of traffic management and routing.

What is Fastgate

Direct integrations

Direct integrations&nbspс with traffic aggregators/operators for self-configuring and routing traffic

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Direct integrations
Convenient API
Managing direct communications
Mobile communication channels

All tools for effective communications

All tools for effective communications

Web interface management tools

  • Message templates and substitutions for any message types;
  • Text supported in all languages;
  • Interactive messaging via SMS, messengers;
  • Timing and speed determination: speed, pause, cancel, restart;
  • Deferred messages based on period, day or week, delivery time and customer time zone;
  • Push + Viber + SMS cascade.

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All tools for effective communications

All tools for effective communications

Traffic prioritizing

Manage queues of messages from various internal systems under different templates with the ability to increase the priority of the queue, suspend or cancel sending messages.

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All tools for effective communications

All tools for effective communications

Traffic routing

Fastgate allows to route incoming and outgoing traffic based on a message parameters - country, operator, message type, priority, etc.

Use routing to:

  • Send high priority traffic to the allocated connection;
  • Configure backup connections;
  • send traffic to the connection with a higher throughput capacity, effectiveness or better cost.

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All tools for effective communications

All tools for effective communications

Cost optimization

  • Dead number filtering;
  • «White» and «black» lists;
  • Duplicate filtering for all message types;
  • MNP accounting.

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Flexible access rights management

  • In Fastgate you can easily configure roles for different users, considering your business tasks

  • All operations in Fastgate are logged thus the activity of all users in the gateway is easy to track and control


  • PUSH notification service

    A full-fledged service with 80% delivery rate for PUSH notifications on your clients’ devices. Helps to reduce the cost of SMS sending

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  • IMSI CHECK service

    The IMSI check service verifies if the unique subscriber ID of a mobile operator is correct, and lowers risk of fraud associated with the substitution of SIM cards. IMSI also helps to enrich clients’ data

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Compliance with high standards

  • Fail-safety

    Our Platform operates 24/7/365 with 99.9% SLA availability. We use hot backups to increase capacity and ensure the system continuity if some components fail.

  • Capacity

    Min 500 messages per second. The gateway capacity depends on the configuration.

  • Security

    - IP SEC tunnel to send and receive data from the bank systems;
    - Logging of user operations;
    - Substitution of confidential data when saving in the database;
    - Masking the data used by users, depending on their access level.

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Fastgate can be deployed in the company loop or on the i-Digital side

  • API access to the i-Digital services without the significant costs and usage of company operating resources

  • In-house solution: gateway deployed on the customer side. After installing the gateway, access to the platform, administration, monitoring, and updates are up to the customer

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