We create and implement high-quality services, which allow building communications with customers through all mobile channels. We base on our own experience, state-of-the-art technologies, and a caring approach to business.

  • Operating in the communication market since 2006 

  • We are among the TOP 5  largest Russian SMS aggregators

  • We work with banks from TOP 30, retail, transport companies, online services

We believe that communication is the key to the relationship, therefore we make sure our customers build fruitful communication with their audience

  • We stay on top

    We continuously launch new services, embed new communication channels into our ecosystem, and improve our solutions so you can make use of the modern and effective communication opportunities.

  • Ready for challenges

    We do not deal with sending SMS only but develop a comprehensive communication system for each company. Taking into account business’s specifics and needs, we help to choose the right channels, optimize costs and implement technical and integrational tasks of any complexity.

  • Generate ideas and share our experience

    We always share our insights about new communication channels and tools, conduct training webinars and meetings, advise clients on all communication-related issues, make a cooperation with us comfortable and useful.


Our services are constantly evolving and reach a new level with each release thanks to our team. We value most of all initiative, sincere involvement in the work process, as well as mutual care and support within the team. Most of our team members are technical specialists, each of whom has an expert base, exceptional knowledge in the field of product development and management, and fully takes care of the entrusted direction. The commercial block of the company employs people with experience in telecom and digital communications - they help our clients and partners to develop communication tools and launch new products.

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Partners ans clients

i-Digital offers its partners comprehensive solutions for SMS traffic management. Our product line includes communications through popular messengers, mobile banking, voice messaging, interactive services, and other tools to ensure effective mobile marketing communications.

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