Chatbots for interactive channels

We develop, configure and deploy AI-bots

How a bot can help in text and voice channels

  • speed up the processing of customer requests

  • attract more leads and provide primary classification

  • reduce the workload of your contact center and support team

  • automate typical business processes: requests for services, maintenance, recruiting, testing and training of employees, interaction with franchisees and agents

  • maximize messenger’s marketing opportunities and expand your brand's presence in digital channels

Chatbot channels

What types of bots we build

FAQ bot

FAQ bot answers questions, saves working time for your managers. It will tell users about the main services and conditions

FAQ bot
Assistant Bot
Consultant Bot
Service Bot

What our bots can do

  • Answer questions by helping or replacing a live operator
  • Collect feedback from the client and export it to CRM and other systems
  • Receive data from an online store, CRM or a simple google spreadsheet and report it to the client
  • Register a new lead in the CRM system or forward an existing client along the sales funnel in CRM
  • Switch the conversation to your operator in other chat platforms - Livetex, Bitrix Open Lines, JivoSite, Webim, Edna + configuration via ChatAPI to switch to other chat platforms
  • Create tickets for technical support or for a client manager
  • Select goods or services from the catalog according to the specified parameters

We develop bots on Aimylogic platform

It’s a smart platform with artificial intelligence

Enables to create text and voice bots

Unlimited number of connected channels: messengers, social networks, chat widgets

Integration with CRM and external services via API

Development stages

Technical specifications

You fill out the technical requirements and prepare a technical specification. If it is difficult to write a technical specification, we will write it for you based on your requirements

Discuss a project
Technical specificationsAnalysis of dialogues

We analyze all dialogues of the support service, sales managers in voice and text channels

Discuss a project
Technical specificationsAnalysis of dialoguesDevelopment and launch

We develop a bot script and provide all

necessary integrations with your CRM system, an online store, and other data sources

Discuss a project

How much does it cost

  • A common bot

    • We use a script template and just change variables in it.
    • We set up the bot in the channels required and carry out integrations
    • Up to 200 $
    Order a bot
  • A complex bot (custom bot)

    • It is a chatbot entirely designed according to your scenario with any number of conversation flow branches.
    • From 1000$
    Сalculate the cost

Our advantages

  • Aimylogic Certified Partner
  • Outbound messaging to attract more customers to the bot: SMS, Viber, WhatsApp Business, voice channel, targeted SMS advertising
  • We provide complex integration solutions - our own inhouse team of developers
  • Available integrations with online chats and popular CRM systems


  • Yes, you can use a special API and we will help you to configure it.

  • Yes, you can use your own SIP telephony or we can provide phone numbers.

  • Yes, the full set of applications for the chatbot platform and, for example, WhatsApp are already available in the Bitrix24 marketplace.

  • Yes, the platforms have appropriate certificates. If we develop a server, then we follow the compliance requirements of the Russian Federation legislation.

  • Yes, if necessary, we can develop a server to convert requests from the chatbot to make them readable for your system.

  • You can train it or we can do it as a part of the bot support services.

  • No, we can deploy a bot in your IT environment.

Contact us

We will discuss the details of your project and calculate the cost of development

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