Digital marketing

  • 10 years of experience
  • 250+ successful cases
  • 100+ clients

About us

I-Digital is a leading sms provider in the Russian market. We offer messaging services to carriers and end clients in different types of businesses. We have dealt with sms aggregation since 2004 (former TM was i-Free Business Solutions).

Now we have direct connectivity to all Russian mobile operators and to the leading operators of CIS. Long-term reliable cooperation with our partners and high standards of productivity on large volumes of traffic afford us unique connection opportunities and the best prices for our clients. Our global reach ensures delivery of our sms services to more than 200 carriers in 95 countries and provides access to 1 billion subscribers.


  • 01

    Bulk sms

    • Web interface, API
    • SMPP, WS, HTTP
    • Direct Russia, CIS
  • 02

    Voice messaging

    • TTS, IVR
    • Web interface, API
    • Unique services
  • 03

    Two way sms

    • Short codes
    • Interactive Services
    • Russia, CIS
  • 04

    Mobile advertising

    • SMS and MMS advertising for all Russian mobile operators' subscribers
    • Highly targeted
    • Location based
  • 05

    Viber for service and marketing messaging

    • Rich content
    • Long messages
    • 2 way messages

Two way SMS

  • Short codes for any purposes
  • Vanity or prefix based (to share to cut the costs)
  • Free or paid for subscribers
    (different rates from $0,02 to $3,00)
  • Votes, quizzes, surveys
  • Content delivery
  • 2F authentication

Voice messaging

  • Delivery of voice messages to subscribers
  • Using TTS (text-to-speech) or MP3
  • Personalization
  • Capacity is 200 simultaneous calls
  • Sms with a callback link: tap the link to get the call to learn more
  • Voice message with ivr menu. Very popular to request the user’s quality control
  • Phonauthentication for Android apps. An incoming call number as OTP
  • Voice based 2F authentication